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The pursuit of high-fidelity music and sound.

Thank you for visiting my website. I'm Alexander, a composer, music editor, and mastering engineer from Los Angeles. My main business partners are Warner Chappell Production Music and DOCUscores. In 2012 I was awarded the Hollywood Music in Media Award in the »Best Score Movie/Game Trailer« category and I enjoy bringing music or audio-related ideas to the next level and letting them shine.


Mixing and Mastering

How can I support you?

If you are aiming for a brilliant and clean sound of your music or film production, I am happy to assist you in achieving this goal. A good starting point is always to discuss whether you are only looking for getting your tracks mixed, you require mixing and a final master or you need mastering only. I like to work on both simple and sophisticated projects, demanding top performance and various skills. In a nutshell: I am fully committed to supporting you. 

Please let me know what your specific project is, for example by providing information about the genre and the type of production. Is it just one recording or an entire album? What kind of delivery format do you need? 



Your personal score

You have an idea, a story, or an image that needs to be transformed into a musical context? I am aware of today’s world with plenty of platforms providing a vast collection of music ready to be purchased via a simple mouse click and used for video production. In a fast-paced environment, this may seem straightforward and convenient. 

However, there are multiple situations where the pre-made music track does not fit like a hand in a glove with our imagination or the desired atmosphere we are looking for. If you are prepared to receive your personal and customized music score, I am looking forward to creating your music soundtrack.


Recent Projects

Feel free to listen to some of my most recent work examples below.

DS014 Sound of The 80s_cover.jpg

Grande Themes

Epic Sci-Fi

Sound of the 80s


Our top priority is to provide production companies with music that has the highest production value. 

We take pride in recording 80% of our music with live musicians and orchestras – Dirk Ehlert and Ram Khat, CEOs of DOCUscores

If you would like to access DOCUscores' catalog to use in your productions, please request access permission by creating a user account yourself or get in touch via or visit



Los Angeles, CA

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